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VIC Training Resources

Choose from a wide range of RTO training materials for the VIC Training Package! We have a huge range of “off the shelf” resources, and can also arrange custom development if you’re looking for something special.

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CodeProduct NameTraining Package
22250VIC22250VIC Certificate I in EAL (Access),
22251VIC22251VIC Certificate II in EAL (Access),
22252VIC22252VIC Certificate II in EAL (Employment),
22253VIC22253VIC Certificate III in EAL (Access),
22255VIC22255VIC Certificate III in EAL (Further Study),
22256VIC22256VIC Certificate IV in EAL (Access),
22258VIC22258VIC Certificate IV in EAL (Further Study),
22484VIC22484VIC Course I in EAL (Access) Training Resources,
22485VIC22485VIC Certificate II in EAL (Access), ,
22486VIC22486VIC Course III in EAL (Access) Training Resources,
22488VIC22488VIC Certificate II in EAL (Employment) Training Resources,
VU20939VU20939 Recognise and interpret safety signs and symbols,
VU20940VU20940 Recognise and use basic mathematical symbols and processes,
VU21054VU21054 Develop written job application skills,
VU21297VU21297 Develop and document a learning plan and portfolio with guidance,
VU21323VU21323 Develop and document a learning plan and portfolio,
VU21353VU21353 Research pathways and produce a learning plan and portfolio,
VU21444VU21444 Identify Australian leisure activities,
VU21445VU21445 Locate health and medical information,
VU21448VU21448 Read and write short, simple information and instructional texts,
VU21449VU21449 Read and write short simple message and forms,
VU21450VU21450 Give and respond to short, simple verbal instructions and information,
VU21451VU21451 Participate in short simple exchanges,
VU21454VU21454 Plan language learning with support,
VU21456VU21456 Participate in simple conversations and transactions,
VU21457VU21457 Give and respond to simple verbal information and directions,
VU21458VU21458 Read and write simple personal communications and transactional texts,
VU21459VU21459 Read and write simple instructional and informational texts,
VU21461VU21461 Access the internet and email to develop language,
VU21462VU21462 Explore community options,
VU21463VU21463 Explore transport options,
VU21464VU21464 Examine current issues,
VU21465VU21465 Engage in casual conversations and straightforward transactions,
VU21466VU21466 Give and respond to a range of straightforward information and instructions,
VU21467VU21467 Read and write routine communications and transactional texts,
VU21468VU21468 Read and write straightforward informational and instructional texts,
VU21470VU21470 Investigate issues in the Australian environment,
VU21473VU21473 Investigate Australian Art and Culture,
VU21474VU21474 Analyse and participate in complex conversations,
VU21475VU21475 Give and respond to a wide range of oral presentations and instructions,
VU21476VU21476 Read and write complex communications and transactional texts,
VU21478VU21478 Read and write complex creative texts Read and write complex creative texts,
VU21483VU21483 Participate in simple conversations and transactions for employment,
VU21484VU21484 Read and write simple texts for employment,
VU21485VU21485 Observe and report on activities in a workplace,
VU21486VU21486 Prepare to work effectively in an Australian workplace,
VU21488VU21488 Participate in a range of straightforward interactions for employment,
VU21489VU21489 Read and write a straightforward texts for employment,
VU21499VU21499 Give straightforward oral presentation for further study,
VU21500VU21500 Participate in a range of straightforward interactions for further study,
VU21501VU21501 Read and write straightforward texts for research purposes,
VU21502VU21502 Analyse and produce straightforward texts relevant to further study,
VU21503VU21503 Listen and take notes for research,
VU21504VU21504 Use language learning strategies and study skills,
VU21508VU21508 Give complex presentations for further study,
VU21509VU21509 Analyse and participate in complex spoken discourse for further study,
VU21510VU21510 Take notes form complex aural tests for further study,
VU21511VU21511 Read and write complex texts for research purposes,
VU21512VU21512 Read and write complex texts for further study Training Resources,
VU21513VU21513 Use critical reading and writing skills for further study,
VU21514VU21514 Use language analysis skills to review own texts,
VU21867VU21867 Participate in collaborative learning,