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AVIE0005 Complete a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) RTO Training Resources and Learning Materials


AVIE0005 Complete a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) RTO Materials

Get the AVIE0005 Complete a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) RTO materials and start delivering exceptional training with these first-class RTO resources. This training resource package will help your students develop the skills and knowledge they need to finish the course.

Your AVIE0005 RTO training materials include tools and features to aid you in providing outstanding training and assessment.

Learning and Assessment Materials:

  • Learner Guide with Unit Content
  • Assessment Tasks
  • Assessment Mapping
  • Competency Records
  • Benchmark Answers

Additional Features:

  • Unlimited Student Licence
  • Digital, Editable Format
  • Printable and Uploadable to LMS

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Learning Resources

AVIE0005 Complete a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) Learning Resources and Materials

These sought-after AVIE0005 RTO materials include:

  • Learner Guide

    The AVIE0005 course resources come complete with learning content to help your students acquire all the information they need before completing summative tasks.

  • Assessment Tasks

    With the help of these summative assessments and practical activities, the assessors can easily determine your students’ competency, so they can identify the areas for improvement.

  • Assessment Mapping

    This assessment mapping will help you keep track of all assessment requirements to ease compliance.

  • Competency Records

    This tool will help your assessors to keep track of competency achievements in a systematic way. With these resources, you can keep track of each of your student’s progress.

  • Benchmark Answers

    All written knowledge questions have corresponding benchmark answers to help in providing knowledge evidence.

Your new AVIE0005 RTO resources are delivered in an unlocked digital format (Word and PowerPoint where relevant), so you can contextualise and edit them based on your requirements and delivery modes.

For seamless distribution, you can print unlimited copies of these RTO training resources and materials or simply upload them to your LMS.

All AVIE0005 RTO materials and assessment tools come with an unlimited student licence that allows you to assess as many students as you want. Plus, all these vocational training resources are editable, contextualisable, and printable to effortlessly suit your needs.

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About Training Materials From LRES Training Management

LRES Training Management developed and published these AVIE0005 Complete a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) training course materials. They offer training resources across a number of training packages including AHC, AUR, BSB07/BSB, CPC08/CPC, HLT, MSA07, RII, SIH11, TLI10 and UEE11.

LRES Training Management does not split training packages. Only complete units of competency can be supplied from their product range.

Read the full LRES Training Management terms of sale for more information about licensing and support for AVIE0005 RTO resources and materials.

To learn more about AVIE0005 Complete a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) training package rules, visit training.gov.au.

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