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Get the latest Australian BSBPMG623 Manage benefits RTO materials from one of Australia’s leading training resource developers! New release Unit! Enquire now to express your interest or pre-order the new BSBPMG623 Manage benefits Unit training package for substantially discounted pricing. The Case for Endorsement for this new BSB – Business Services Training Package Unit was approved by AISC in June 2018 and the changes will be reflected on the website in August 2018. The new BSBPMG623 Manage benefits learning resources bundle will come complete with:

  • Learner Resources – including learning content and formative learning activities for your students
  • Trainer Manuals – trainer version of the Learner Resources with answers to the formative assessment tasks
  • Student Assessment Workbooks – including summative assessments to assess competence
  • Assessor Assessment Books – including benchmark answers for the summative assessments
  • Access to Simulated Workplace Resources – including workplace documents, templates, forms, case studies and more to support assessment

Get new learning resources and assessment tools to deliver the latest BSBPMG623 Manage benefits Unit as soon as possible!


BSBPMG623 Manage benefits RTO Materials

Get a complete BSBPMG623 Manage benefits training and assessment resource kit so your RTO can deliver and assess this popular new BSBPMG623 Manage benefits Unit!

This new training resource is in the early stages of development, so contact us now to express your interest or pre-order these new materials now.

BSBPMG623 Learner Resources and Student Assessment Workbooks

Your new RTO training materials will include Learner Resources which contain information for your students to study. These are supported by learning activity checkpoints spaced throughout the Learner Resource so your students can test their skills and knowledge before moving onto the next section.

Summative assessment of the unit is then completed in the Student Assessment Workbooks that will be submitted to your RTO for assessment. These workbooks contain a number of assessment tasks utilising a range of assessment methods to build your portfolio of evidence of competence. These may include written activities, roleplays, case studies and scenarios, practical observations and more, as appropriate.

BSBPMG623 Trainer Manual and Assessor Assessment Books

Your trainers and assessors will receive their own versions of the student documents to help support their delivery and assessment of the course.

The Trainer Manual is the trainer’s version of the Learner Resource and includes answers to the learning activities, meaning you can assess your students’ learning progress. This resource can be printed and taken into the classroom or can be used to provide student support for online delivery of the course.

The Assessor Assessment Workbook contains assessment benchmarks, sign offs and mapping documentation for the unit. This provides your assessors with a clear standard to assess student submissions against and make valid determinations of competence.

BSBPMG623 Equivalency

The new BSBPMG623 Manage benefits supersedes and is Equivalent to the old BSBPMG613 Manage benefits Unit.

However, it is not possible to simply continue using your old BSBPMG613 RTO resources. Even though BSBPMG623 is equivalent to the old BSBPMG613 Unit, this is only for the purposes of Recognition of Prior Competence.

If you are delivering the new version of the Unit, BSBPMG623, you must have RTO training resources that fully assess the new unit requirements. Even if unit requirements appear similar in the new version, there are always changes to elements and performance criteria, knowledge evidence, performance evidence, foundation skills and assessment conditions that must be addressed in your assessment tools.

Many RTOs and resource publishers make the mistake of thinking they can rebadge their old training resources and continue on. These RTOs risk critical non-compliances at audit and potentially losing their registration. Get up-to-date training materials written to the new unit requirements for just a small investment!

Training Resource Development Process

Precision RTO Resources’s development process for this new BSBPMG623 Manage benefits Unit resource is thorough and robust, so you’ll be delivered a training resource you can be confident in training and audit.

Precision writes and validates assessment tools directly against the new unit requirements to ensure the new elements and performance criteria, knowledge evidence, performance evidence, foundation skills and assessment conditions are fully addressed by the training resources.

Subject matter experts are consulted throughout development to ensure the educational content is right, and multiple rounds of validation may be completed to identify and fix gaps in the tools before Precision RTO Resources releases them to clients.

Precision RTO Resources will also back you up with a rectification assistance guarantee (see Rectification Assistance section for more details) because compliance can be subjective, and every auditor has their own interpretation of the standards and unit requirements.

Simulated Business Resources

Your training and assessment activities will be supported by the simulated business resource, Bounce Fitness. This fictional business intranet site is hosted by Precision RTO Resources and contains literally hundreds of business documents including forms, templates, org charts, policies, procedures, meeting minutes, case studies, scenarios and other workplace documents.

This simulated business resource is fantastic for simplifying your course delivery as it ensures your students can access vital materials for assessment even if they can’t access a real workplace, or there are privacy/confidentiality issues preventing them from submitting real documents for assessment.

Critically, the simulated business resource will also help your trainers to familiarise your students with these common workplace resources, meaning students are better equipped to enter the workforce and become a productive and valued employee from day one.

Unlimited Student License!

Our unlimited student license model means you purchase the training resource once and deliver and assess training for as many students as you want with no additional fees!

This is a self-contained training and assessment resource, meaning it comes with assessment tools AND learner guides. No additional textbooks or per-student fees required!

Unit by Unit Training Materials

Design your own Unit packaging! Each unit in this package is delivered as a standalone set of workbooks so you can select from a range of units and change electives easily if required.

In our experience, this flexibility is desirable for flexible Business Services Training Package qualifications where you may be required to customise your course delivery to meet the needs of industry partners and clients.

Mapping Documentation

Mapping documentation for each unit will be supplied in the Assessor Assessment Workbook. This will assist you to design training plans for students requiring gap training after RPL and is also a vital tool for your ongoing compliance.

Mapping is crucial to help you conduct effective post-assessment validation as part of your RTO’s ongoing compliance obligations under the Standards for RTOs. It’s also an important reference tool at audit when you need to be able to quickly find and demonstrate where each unit requirement is assessed in the assessment tool.

BSBPMG623 Training Resource Samples

Samples of the BSBPMG623 package will be available in the near future. Enquire now to express your interest in this new resources package. We will supply samples of the new training resources once they become available.

Please check the licensing and product support for terms and conditions of sale of resources from Precision RTO Resources.

Unlimited Student Use License as part of the RTO training package features

Unlimited Student Use Licence

Assessment Tools For Your Learners included in the RTO training package features

Assessment Tools For Your Learners

Assessor Guide with Benchmark Answers - included in the RTO training package features

Assessor Guide With Benchmark Answers

Assessment Tool Mapping Documents - included in the RTO training package features

Assessment Tool Mapping Documents

Structured Learner Resources - included in the RTO training package features

Structured Learner Resources

e-Learning Resources add-on in the RTO training package features

e-Learning Resources

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