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CLR Sale - Resource Pack-July 2024

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CHCSS00130 Individual Support – Disability Skill Set RTO Resources with Engaging e-Learning Materials


CHCSS00130 RTO Resources

Deliver exceptional training with ready-to-use Vocational Education and Training (VET) CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability RTO materials designed to meet the needs of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) across Australia!

Your CHCSS00130 skillset RTO resources come with thoroughly researched learning content, detailed assessment tools, and more incredible tools and features. Plus, get free updates and a rectification assistance guarantee to assist you with training delivery and compliance!

Your CHCSS00130 RTO materials are packed with the following essential tools and features specially made for skills training in Australia:

Learning Resources:

  • Learner Guide
  • Learning Activity Booklet
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Learning Resource Mapping
  • Simulated Workplace (wherever applicable)

Assessment Tools:

  • Assessor Guides
  • Assessment Workbooks
  • Assessment Mapping
  • Assessment Forms and Templates
  • Validation Acceptance Certificate

e-Learning Resources

  • Easy Installation
  • Narrated Learning Content
  • Interactive Elements
  • Self-Marking Quizzes

The CHCSS00130 RTO training resources come in an easy to edit digital format, so you can save time contextualising, re-branding, and modifying them according to your requirements. Print unlimited copies or upload them to your LMS for convenient distribution. With these RTO materials, you have the freedom to deliver training exactly how you want it.

With CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability RTO training resources, you also get an unlimited student licence. Teach as many students as you want without worrying about recurring fees and save on overall training costs.

These training materials can be purchased as a complete package or as learning resource only, assessment tools only, and e-Learning resources only.

Secure the vocational training resources for your CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability RTO materials today! Reach out to us by filling out the form for more information on these skillset RTO training resources for sale, free samples, and pricing!

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Learning Resources

CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability RTO Learning Resources

The CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability RTO learning resources go through a rigorous QA process with the help of industry experts to ensure you receive the highest quality course materials. Our RTO materials are comprehensive, in-depth, learner-ready, and designed with compliance in mind.

Your CHCSS00130 RTO materials contain everything your students need to complete skill sets in Australia.

  • Remarkable Learner Guide

    Save time and effort from doing research and development! The CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability learning materials have all the information your students need to progress through the course and to prepare for assessment.

  • Handy Learning Activity Booklet

    This booklet contains practice activities and formative assessments to enhance your students’ learning and help the trainers determine your students’ course knowledge.

  • Useful PowerPoint Presentation

    The CHCSS00130 learning materials come with editable PowerPoint Presentations that contain diagrams, imagery, and infographics to help trainers provide an engaging learning experience to your students. These presentations are mapped to unit requirements and can be contextualised based on your needs.

  • Complete Learning Resource Mapping

    All RTO learning materials are mapped to each other so you can be sure that you won’t miss anything. This useful document helps identify which performance criteria have already been met in the RTO learning materials. With this reliable mapping tool, RTOs can remain compliant during an audit.

Your CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability learning resources are completely editable so you can freely contextualise, re-brand, and modify the RTO materials however you see fit.

These course resources and learning materials are also incredibly flexible so they can meet whatever mode of training delivery! Print as many copies as you want or upload them to your LMS. You’ll also get an unlimited student use licence—train as many students as you want without ongoing fees!

Contact us today by filling out the form for more information about these RTO materials for sale and other amazing deals on skill sets!

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Simulated Business

CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability “Real-World” Simulated Business Workplace

Elevate your training delivery with RTO training resources such as the simulated business workplace. Access to this website will allow your students to improve their skills through real-world scenarios.

This simulated workplace comes complete with the following incredible features:

  • Access to hard-to-find workplace documents such as business-related templates, roleplay scenarios, workplace forms, case studies, policies and procedures, and minutes of the meeting.
  • Unlimited access for everyone in your organisation without worrying about recurring fees and renewals.
  • Instant access to the simulated business website when you buy Compliant Learning Resources’ training materials.
  • No limits to how many students or trainers can log-in the site! Unlimited access and use to the simulated business site mean you can train whenever and however you want.

Learn more about the simulated business workplace and other RTO training resources for sale. Book your personal walkthrough today by filling out the form!

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Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools for CHCSS00130 Training Resources

Your CHCSS00130 RTO materials come with exceptional assessment tools to help your assessors give accurate assessments to your students in skill sets.

  • Detailed Assessor Guides

    Contains very detailed and specific benchmarks to help your assessors provide accurate judgements. This will also help maintain consistency in your assessments.

  • Comprehensive Assessment Workbooks

    The workbooks that are included in your CHCSS00130 RTO materials will help your students demonstrate their knowledge and skills through clear instructions, various assessment activities, and additional important resources.

  • Exhaustive Assessment Mapping

    We map all the learning resources, including the learning manual, training manual, and PowerPoint presentations, to help your assessors provide a better quality of feedback and support to students. This will help the RTO in ensuring that all areas have been covered.

  • Essential Assessment Forms and Templates

    Your CHCSS00130 RTO resources include observation forms and assessor checklists that are very useful when assessing students’ performance.

  • Validation Acceptance Certificate

    As proof that these CHCSS00130 RTO materials have undergone an extensive validation process during development, we provide Validation Acceptance Certificate.

These CHCSS00130 skill set assessment tools are completely editable and contextualisable so you can easily modify them to meet your RTO’s needs.

Schedule a personal walkthrough today by filling out the form to learn more about these assessment tools and RTO resources available for purchase!

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e-Learning Resources

CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability e-Learning Resources

The CHCSS00130 e-Learning resources are equipped with incredible learner tools to help you deliver extraordinary training online and in-classroom.

  • Easy Installation
    The CHCSS00130 e-Learning materials come in SCORM/HTML5 format and are compatible with other LMS like Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and more.
  • Narrated Learning Content
    With the narrated content, students can self-study and listen to the lessons with the trainer’s intervention. This is immensely useful for students with LLN needs and vision impairments.
  • Interactive Elements
    Your CHCSS00130 e-Learning materials are packed with engaging contents and clickable elements to make online learning fun.
  • Self-Marking Quizzes
    The assessment at the end of every chapter is an excellent feature to help your students identify the areas where they need to improve. This is also good for promoting better knowledge retention.

Check out a demo of these e-Learning resources here. See how these skill sets equipped with e-Learning materials can transform your training delivery! Get in touch with us today to schedule a walkthrough.

For more information, free samples, pricing information, or a customised quote, please contact us by filling out the form!

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About Skill Set Training Resources and RTO materials from Compliant Learning Resources

The CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability RTO materials is developed and published by Compliant Learning Resources (CLR), one of the leading RTO resources developers in Australia.

All the RTO materials for skills training in Australia are provided in digital format and will be delivered within 1-3 business days after receiving all the needed information and the signed license agreement. RTOs are responsible for contextualising the materials to align with their requirements and ensuring that unit selection meets qualification and skill set packaging rules.

Compliant Learning Resources guarantees to provide RTO materials audit rectification assistance if you experience problems during an audit. To learn more about licensing and support, read the full Compliant Learning Resources terms of sale.

For more information about CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability training package rules, visit training.gov.au.

About RTO Training Materials for In-Demand Skillsets From eSkilled

The matching CHCSS00130 Individual Support - Disability skillsets with e-Learning resources in Australia were produced by eSkilled, an expert e-Learning developer.

These adaptable vocational training materials and learning resources for RTOs in Australia are delivered in an HTML5/SCORM-compliant format suitable to popular LMS platforms. Enjoy easy access using any device for convenient training. Summative assessments are not included in these RTO materials, but formative learning activities and well-researched learning content are incorporated.

See the complete terms of sale here.

Want to learn more about these publishers and our other amazing RTO Materials for sale? Contact us now by filling out the form.

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