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High Quality Foundation Skills - FSK RTO Materials

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Get Quality FSK Training Materials to Boost Your Training!​

Compliant Learning Resources offers a diverse range of FSK RTO learning materials, aligning with industry standards to support your RTO across various foundation skills areas, including:
  • Access to Vocational Pathways
  • Skills for Vocational Pathways

And many more!

Choose Excellence with Award-Winning Training Resources

Elevate your RTO's success with our exceptional FSK learning materials and assessment resources. Secure your FSK RTO learning resources from one of the most trusted resource developers in Australia.
LearnX Awards
The Australian Business Awards 2023 ABA100® Winner for Training Innovation – Compliant Learning Resources

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Why Choose Compliant Learning Resources’ FSK RTO Materials

Assessment Workbook
Our FSK training resources boost core language, literacy, numeracy, and employability skills with competency units applicable across industries. Ensure top-quality training for your learners with meticulously crafted FSK resources.

Unmatched Qualities of Our FSK RTO Training Resources

Our FSK materials stand out from the competition, packed with unique features to enhance the learning experience. Here are some of the features you can expect:
In-depth learner guides complete with practical exercises, formative assessments, and PowerPoint presentations.
Comprehensive assessment tools featuring assessment workbooks with detailed instructions to guide learners on what constitutes a satisfactory response, and assessment guides with specific benchmark answers to help assessors in making accurate evaluations.
Unlimited student licence so you can train as many students as needed without incurring any additional costs.
Editable digital format providing the flexibility to modify, customise, and contextualise the resources to meet the specific needs of your learners.
Fully mapped training and assessment resources (including assessments, learner guides AND PowerPoint mapping).
Simulated business website providing access to numerous workplace documents to support learners who are not currently employed or with limited access to workplace documents and resources required to complete the course.
Optional e-Learning resources designed for interactive content, self-marking quizzes, and audio narration and other rich media to enhance the training experience.
Record of assessments enabling assessors to verify that all assessments have been completed to the required standard.
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