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Announcing the New AI Course Creator Tool from eSkilled


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Compliant Learning Resources is excited to present the groundbreaking new AI Course Creator Tool, developed by our affiliated entity, eSkilled. This innovative tool is designed to enhance your training and empower you to rapidly create courses and pass critical skills and knowledge to students. The AI Course Creator Tool is a game changer, and we’re excited to share it with you!

If you are acquainted with eSkilled’s Student Management System, Learning Management System, or the e-Learning Resources they design to complement our range of training materials, you’ll be interested in their latest addition. eSkilled’s cutting-edge AI-powered Course Creator Tool is a cloud-based software service designed for educators to swiftly author and disseminate courses online.

Leveraging generative AI technology, the Course Builder populates course content based on your chosen topic, allowing for further customization and refinement through the intuitive WYSIWYG editor. Enhance your courses with images, quizzes, videos, and more before effortlessly publishing and distributing them online. Save time and resources with eSkilled’s AI Course Creator!

Seamless Integration with eSkilled LMS

While the AI Course Creator is available as a standalone subscription, it also seamlessly integrates with eSkilled’s Learning Management System. This integration streamlines the process of authoring courses and facilitates easy training setup and delivery via the LMS.

Discover the Potential at eSkilled AI Course Creator

We invite you to explore the AI Course Creator Tool on eSkilled’s newly launched website: https://aicoursecreator.eskilled.ai/. Here, you’ll find details about the tool’s features, benefits, and how you can use it to have a positive impact on your instructional design experience.

Join the Revolution with the AI Course Creator

The AI Course Creator Tool signifies a new era in education, where technology can assist you to rapidly create training content, customised to the needs of your users. Embrace the future of education with Compliant Learning Resources and eSkilled.

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