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Bid to Overhaul Automotive Skill Sets to Meet Electric Vehicle Demands

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As Australia transitions to electric technology in battery electric vehicles (BEVS), the Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance (AUSMASA) moves to overhaul the automotive sector, requiring highly qualified mechanics to upgrade their knowledge and skills ets.

Following extensive consultations with industry and stakeholders, AUSMASA determined that the surge in popularity of EVS underscored a pressing need.

It was decided that the popularity in EVS signified a need for more technicians with the knowledge to service a variety of electric automotive and mining vehicles, in this rapidly expanding industry.

This shift highlights Australia’s efforts to meet its CO2 targets in the coming decade, as it moves to decarbonise the economy.

Who Needs to Upgrade Their Skills for Battery Electrical Plant Competency?

Professionals who have completed the AUR31220 Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology, AUR30320 Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology, AUR30620 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, are mandated to enhance their skills and knowledge to stay current in battery electrical plant competency.

These span automotive electrical technicians and electric vehicle mechanics, light and heavy vehicle technology, diesel fitter or mobile plant technicians, heavy vehicle mechanics, elevated work platform technicians, and forklift mechanics.

Battery Electric Vehicle Skill Sets Upgrade

Automotive graduates must gear up for the transition as they take strides to complete their required skill set upgrades, which include AURSS00063 – Battery Electric Vehicle Diagnose and Repair Skill Set, and AURSS00064 – Battery Electric Vehicle Inspection and Servicing Skill Set.

Whilst this does imply a current skills gap, those who complete the new skill sets will be at the forefront of an evolving industry.

Electric Vehicle Technology Training Opportunities in Australia

The emergence of electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia is still relatively new; however, this transition presents an opportunity for Australia to position itself well in training automotive technicians as EV technology continues to evolve and expand.

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