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MSL Training Package Update: What You Should Know

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Exciting News: MSL Training Package Updates – 6 November 2023!

If your registered training organisation (RTO) offers training within the MSL training package, you’re in for a fantastic update! The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has introduced new, extended transition periods for select qualifications within the laboratory operations (MSL) training package, and we’re thrilled to share this vital information with you.

ASQA’s Commitment to Safeguarding Learner Interests

ASQA goes above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes for learners and training organizations. They can grant transition periods that exceed the standards outlined in Clause 1.26(a) of the Standards for registered training organisations 2015. Rest assured, ASQA thoroughly considers every application for extended transition periods, with a primary focus on safeguarding the interests of learners. ASQA only grants these extensions when it is abundantly clear that learners would genuinely face disadvantages without them.

Extended Transition Period for Two Key MSL Qualifications

We are excited to announce that ASQA has recently granted an extended transition period for two significant qualifications within the MSL training package:

  • MSL40118 – Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques
  • MSL50118 – Diploma of Laboratory Technology

This extension extends the transition period for training, assessment, and certification issuance from the initial end date of 18 December 2023 to the new deadline of 31 January 2025. This is fantastic news for students who began their training and/or assessment in these qualifications on or before the previous transition end date of 18 December 2023. All students now have ample time to successfully complete their qualifications and receive certification or transition to replacement training products within this extended period.

To ensure the success of this extended transition period, ASQA has consulted with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and the Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia (TAC). They have also sought valuable advice from the Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance Jobs and Skills Council, underscoring the significance of this extension.

Implications for RTOs: Seize the Opportunity!

For Registered Training Organizations, the extension of both qualifications means that they will remain within the scope of registration until the end of the extended transition period. This gives your RTO a golden opportunity to adapt and enhance your MSL training delivery.

Are you eager to equip your RTO with the latest and most up-to-date training resources? Visit the Compliant Learning Resources shop and stay ahead of the curve! This extended transition period is the ideal moment to shine and positively impact your learners and your organization.

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