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ASQA Announces Changes to the Application Process for Initial Accreditation of VET Courses

ASQA announced that it will be making changes to the application process for initial accreditation of VET courses. This change they say is to ensure that proper consultation is made with concerned members and stakeholders of the industry even during the early stages of the creation of VET courses.

The Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012 requires VET accredited courses to be based on industry, enterprise, and community needs. It also states that these courses should be developed in consultation with, and validated by industry, enterprise, community and/or professional groups. ASQA’s recent announcement serves to reinforce the high-quality of training required from nationally recognised courses.

When will these changes take effect?

These changes will apply to all applications for new VET courses, from 1 April 2019.

What are the changes?

Applicants are required to submit the new VET course concept form during the initial stages of the application process. The purpose of this VET course concept form is to:

  • Supply sufficient evidence that an industry is in need and supports the development of the course
  • Prove that concerned industries and stakeholders have been identified and consulted during the development of the course

Upon submission of the complete VET course concept form, ASQA will provide feedback on the initial accreditation of the course within 20 working days of receipt of the form and payment of the lodgement fee.

How much is it going to cost?

There is no change to the total dollar amount of fees payable during the application process of initial accreditation of a VET course. From 1 March 2019 the applicable fees are:

  • Application lodgement fee ($500)—payable upon submission of the VET course concept form
  • Application assessment fee ($7,570)—payable upon invoice. ASQA will issue the invoice once an application for course initial accreditation is deemed complete.

For more information on the new application process for initial accreditation of a VET course please visit the ASQA website.



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