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Haven’t submitted your Annual Declaration on Compliance yet? Here’s what you need to know

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Annual Declaration on Compliance deadline has been moved to April 30, 2020 in light of the COVID-19 outbreak

What is the Annual Declaration on Compliance?

Your Annual Declaration on Compliance is a statement which confirms your Registered Training Organisation’s compliance, and it serves to notify the Australian Skills Quality Authority if you have taken rectifying motions to correct any issues you may have with compliance. The submission of the Annual Declaration on Compliance is a critical requirement for all current RTOs who have registered as of last year.


How can I send the Annual Declaration on Compliance?

By now, ASQA would have sent the online form link to the registered email address of your RTO. You will need to fill up the form before submitting it to them. You typically get a message confirming your submission. Do note that if your RTO’s initial registration commenced this 2020, you are not required to submit the Annual Declaration this year.

If you have not yet received an email, refer to this section below. [attach a hyperlink to What Should I Do If I Have Not Yet Received an Email?]

The process of filling out the survey may only take a while, but you should remember that the whole process may take much longer for your RTO to complete if you do not make regular self-assessments. It is necessary that you also check your RTO’s compliance well before submitting the declaration on compliance.

What should I do to help ensure that my RTO is compliant?

The more apparent requirements of your RTO are complying with ASQA’s general directions and compliance monitoring activities, complying with additional licensing requirements that apply to VET courses, and paying all fees and charges. You may check this ASQA page for more information.

Besides the ones listed above, you may remember that there are more requirements that your RTO should meet to be compliant, and that your RTO’s training and assessment delivery is a major factor. So what can you do to achieve this critical requirement and help your RTO be compliant?

You may want to start with the quality of your training and assessment materials. After all, quality training delivery starts with quality RTO training materials. Having quality RTO resources will help you with meeting compliance requirements during audits and the Annual Declaration on Compliance.

If you want to check for quality RTO resources, we can give you a personalized walkthrough now. Enquire here now to check quality RTO training resources that we offer.

When is the Deadline of Submission for the Annual Declaration on Compliance?

Your Registered Training Organizations has until March 31, 2020 to submit the form. Failure to submit the declaration is a breach of the conditions of registration. Moreover, late submissions will not be accepted.

What Should I Do If I Have Not Yet Received an Email?

  • Be sure to check your spam or junk folder first for the email.
  • If your RTO unsubscribed from receiving emails from ASQA, you should contact web.feedback@asqa.gov.au and ASQA will help you subscribe to their emails.
  • If you are the CEO and have not received an email with the unique URL, you may check if your email address is correctly listed on training.gov.au. If not, you may update your email address in asqanet and contact the ASQA Info Line to request that the email be re-sent.
  • If any of the actions above do not help, your RTO should contact the ASQA Info Line and advise that your RTO has not yet received the email.


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