Rosalie Staggard Takes the Helm at Manufacturing Alliance’s Workforce Planning and Training Products

Rosalie Staggard Takes the Helm at Manufacturing Alliance’s Workforce Planning and Training Products

To strengthen its commitment to workforce development, the Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance (Manufacturing Alliance) has appointed Rosalie Staggard as the new executive manager for Workforce Planning and Training Products.

This strategic appointment underscores the Manufacturing Alliance’s unwavering commitment to enhancing workforce development and preparing the manufacturing industry for a prosperous future.

Staggard’s mandate is clear: identify pressing challenges within the industry and bridge the gaps with evidence-based strategies. By spearheading research, analysis, and the development of innovative training products, Staggard aims to revolutionise how the manufacturing sector approaches workforce planning.

Charting New Paths: Manufacturing Alliance’s Vision for Training Products

Recognising the critical role of workforce planning in nurturing a skilled and productive workforce, the Manufacturing Alliance aligns with Jobs and Skills Councils in prioritising the need to cultivate a professional and effective workforce that meets industry demands and learner needs. Their concerted efforts aim to anticipate future skills requirements, cater to industry demands, and optimise resource utilisation, fostering economic growth and creating a workforce that excels in the dynamic 21st-century economy.

Sharon Robertson, CEO of the Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance, expressed immense enthusiasm about Staggard joining the team. Robertson believes that Staggard’s expertise in skills solutions, training package stewardship, and product development will be instrumental in propelling the Manufacturing Alliance’s workforce development initiatives.

Robertson disclosed that Staggard’s first undertaking would be developing and implementing a comprehensive workforce plan for the Australian manufacturing industry.

Leveraging her wealth of experience as the senior manager of industry partnerships at the Victorian Government Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry, and Regions, Staggard brings a proven track record of success.

Her contributions to projects like the Clean Economy Workforce Strategy and the Victorian Skill Response framework have earned her accolades and recognition as a visionary leader in the field.

With Staggard at the helm, the Manufacturing Alliance is primed to redefine workforce planning and training product development. By charting new paths, the organisation aims to cultivate a more resilient, adaptable, and highly skilled workforce that will drive the growth and prosperity of the manufacturing industry for years to come.

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