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Malinauskas Labor Government Welcomes New South Australian Skills Commissioner

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new SA skill commissioner

The Malinauskas Labor Government has announced the appointment of Cameron Baker as the new South Australian Skills Commissioner. With his extensive background in the skills sector and higher education, Mr. Baker will play a crucial role in leading the state’s skills system.

This appointment comes as part of the government’s commitment to fostering a flexible and industry-driven skills sector in South Australia.

The New South Australian Skills Commissioner

Cameron Baker has been appointed as the new South Australian Skills Commissioner for a five-year term, starting in July. This appointment follows a rigorous nationwide recruitment process. With a wealth of experience in senior executive and advisory roles within the skills sector, Mr. Baker brings valuable expertise to the position.

Extensive Background and Achievements

New South Australian Skills Commissioner Cameron Baker’s career spans various leadership positions in higher education and the skills sector, both in Victoria and nationally. He currently serves as a senior consultant in skills and labor for the National Transport Commission.

Previously, he played a pivotal role in establishing Apprenticeships Victoria, focusing on increasing participation in apprenticeships and traineeships, particularly among underrepresented groups.

Building a Responsive Skills System: Establishment of the Skills Commission

In 2021, the South Australian Skills Commission was set up to enhance the state’s skills system, making it more flexible, user-friendly, and aligned with industry needs. The Commission provides advice on the performance of the skills sector and engages directly with industry and employers to ensure the workforce is equipped with the skills needed for future job opportunities in South Australia.

A Cohesive Skills Commission Team

In addition to Cameron Baker’s appointment, several prominent individuals have been appointed to the Skills Commission for a two-year term. These appointees bring diverse perspectives and industry knowledge, further strengthening the Commission’s ability to deliver on its aims.

The team includes representatives from various sectors such as early childhood education, innovation, small business, regional development, manufacturing, and more.


New South Australian Skills Commissioner Cameron Baker’s appointment shows the Malinauskas Labor Government’s commitment to an effective and industry-responsive skills sector. With his extensive background and expertise, Mr. Baker is well positioned to lead the Skills Commission in fostering collaboration between industry, employers, and education providers.

Together with the appointed team, the Skills Commission aims to ensure South Australia’s workforce remains skilled, adaptable, and ready for future challenges and opportunities.

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