TAE and FSK Technical Reference Group Established to Support RTOs in Adopting Training Packages

The Australian Government, in response to strong advocacy by ITECA, has established a Technical Reference Group (TRG) to aid RTOs in adopting the TAE and FSK training packages. Here are important things you need to know about the TAE and FSK technical reference group:


The establishment of ten new Jobs and Skills Councils (JSC) aimed at providing advice on workforce planning and training package development left the TAE Training Package without a designated point of contact. Recognising the need for technical guidance, ITECA lobbied for the creation of the TRG to support RTOs.

Role of the TAE and FSK Technical Reference Group

Chaired by Andrew Shae, ITECA Skills Training National Policy Committee Chair, the TAE and FSK Technical Reference Group will collaborate with the Australian Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) to develop effective strategies for the TAE and FSK training packages. This temporary arrangement allows RTOs, states, territories, and industry stakeholders to contribute their expertise.

ITECA’s Advocacy

ITECA’s strategic advocacy efforts, along with partnerships with stakeholders like TAFE Directors Australia, led to the establishment of the TAE and FSK Technical Reference Group. RTOs delivering the TAE Training Package can stay informed about developments through regular meetings of the ITECA Training & Assessment Interest Group.

Long-term Engagement

While the TRG addresses immediate needs, ITECA stays committed to working with DEWR, state and territory governments, and other stakeholders to stand for the interests of independent RTOs in broader skills reforms and industry engagement arrangements.

Get Involved

Join ITECA’s Training & Assessment Interest Group to take part in shaping the future of vocational education. ITECA membership offers an opportunity to contribute to member-driven policy leadership and stay involved in crucial discussions.

By setting up the TRG, ITECA has enabled meaningful collaboration and engagement, empowering independent RTOs to navigate the evolving landscape of vocational education in Australia.

For more information and to join ITECA, visit their website or contact them directly.

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