BSB50215 Diploma of Business RPL Kit

Our BSB50215 Diploma of Business RPL Assessment Kit will allow you to assess your RPL candidates efficiently and effectively by providing you with:

  • Easy to follow candidate instructions
  • Effective Design to meet all unit requirements
  • Efficient tools to collect and assess candidate evidence

Your new BSB training package RPL Kit is delivered in digital format with an unlimited student license, so you are free to assess RPL for as many students as you want in your RTO!

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RTOs are required to offer their students an RPL pathway for each qualification they deliver, and a quality RPL kit is vital to making valid assessment decisions and remaining compliant with training standards.

Your BSB50215 Diploma of Business RPL Kit developed by Precision Group will make RPL easy for your trainers and students, and help you produce quality, consistent RPL judgements.

BSB50215 Diploma of Business RPL Kit Design

This BSB50215 Diploma of Business RPL kit has been carefully designed and written to break down unit requirements into simple instructions for your candidate’s evidence submission. The kit is designed to cover all unit requirements with a range of appropriate assessment methods. RPL assessment tools for 8 units of competency are included in this package!

RPL assessment materials for additional units from the BSB training package and other related training packages may be available for additional fees.

Your BSB50215 Diploma of Business RPL Assessment Kit from Precision Group includes:

  • RPL Assessment Workbook – with RPL assessment tasks and instructions for the student
  • Assessor Guide Workbook – with RPL assessment benchmarks for the trainer & assessor

All documents are provided in digital format (Word & Excel documents) and can be customised to meet the needs of your learner cohort. You are also able to brand the BSB50215 RPL Kit with your logo or transfer to your own template.

BSB50215 Samples

Please enquire now using the form to receive a free info pack with more information and samples of the BSB50215 Diploma of Business  RTO materials.

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