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The Impact of Student Support in Choosing the Right Training Provider

Students prefer RTOs with student support services: NCVER study

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Navigating the pathway to education and future career prospects requires careful consideration. A recent study conducted by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has illuminated a critical yet often underestimated element: the role of student support services.

These services act as a foundation, aiding students in excelling academically and overcoming challenges along their training journey. Let’s delve into the findings of this study and grasp why student support services are essential for registered training organisations (RTOs) seeking to make a lasting impact.

Revealing Insights from the Study

The NCVER research delved deep into the factors influencing students’ selection of preferred training providers. Unveiling a key aspect, the study underscored the substantial impact of accessible student support services on this decision-making process. RTOs that offer these services find themselves in higher favour among students than those that don’t.

The significance of student support services resonates equally across all students, regardless of their backgrounds or situations. It signifies that both regular students and those from underserved groups hold these services in equal esteem.

Decoding Student Support Services

Student support services encompass a range of resources and aid provided by RTOs to empower students. These provisions include one-on-one support, collaborative study sessions, counselling services, career guidance, and beyond. Plus, students have expressed their willingness to incur additional costs to access various student support services.

Balancing Factors in Decision-Making

Despite the significant influence of student support services, additional factors concurrently shape students’ decisions. Foremost among these is the financial aspect, with the cost of the course emerging as the primary consideration. Furthermore, additional factors like how easy it is to reach the place and how the lessons are taught also significantly impact how students make their decisions.

Insights from NCVER’s Managing Director

Simon Walker, Managing Director of NCVER, pointed out that while student support services might not be the strongest factor in students’ training decisions compared to cost, they are still important for students when picking a training organisation.

He suggested that training organisations (RTOs) could help students make better choices by sharing information about their support services online. This information should cover the various services that are available to all students.

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