ICT60315 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis RPL Kit

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ICT60315 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis RPL Kit

Pre-order CAQA’s ICT60315 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis RPL Assessment Kit to assist your RTO in assessing your RPL candidates efficiently and effectively by providing you with:

  • RPL Application Form
  • Self-Assessment Information Kit
  • RPL Competency Conversation Kit
  • Demonstration and Observation Kit
  • Third Party Evidence Kit
  • RPL Assessor Kit

Your new training package RPL Kit from CAQA Resources is delivered in digital format with an unlimited student license, so you are free to assess Recognition of Prior Learning for as many students as you want within your RTO without getting ongoing per-student fees!


ICT60315 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis RPL Kit

Many RTOs forget or do not realise that they are required by the Standards for RTOs to offer students a recognition of prior learning (RPL) pathway for qualifications on their scope of registration. A ICT60315 RPL Assessment Kit is a critical tool to assist your RTO to offer this RPL pathway for the ICT60315 Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis course. Many students who take classes to get a qualification already have experience working in a workplace where they have gained skills and knowledge through hands-on learning.

The opportunity to have this experience acknowledged through RPL saves students from repeating assessment of skills and knowledge they have already earned, and provides a better experience for your students by helping them complete their course in a much shorter time! It is important that RTOs have a guideline in making valid assessment decisions to ensure compliance with the training standards, and this quality RPL Kit from CAQA Resources offers just that. This RPL kit from the CAQA library includes the following documents as a standard.

  • Application Form – for students to complete to meet regulatory compliance, organisational and NCVER requirements.
  • Self-Assessment Information Kit – meant for student’s use so they can assess which skills and knowledge they already have and decide which appropriate documents they can collect and provide, in compliance with the requirements of the course that they are taking.
  • RPL Competency Conversation Kit – guides students in explaining their level of skill and knowledge.
  • Demonstration and Observation Kit – includes practical tasks that students can practice so they can have an opportunity to demonstrate the depth and level of their skills and knowledge.
  • Third Party Evidence Kit – for third party assessor’s use, who is responsible for giving feedback of the student’s skills and workplace performance.
  • RPL Assessor Kit – for the assessor’s use as a guideline in validating student’s performance, knowledge and skill level.

All documents are provided in digital format (Word & Excel documents) and are provided unlocked so you can rebrand, customise and contextualise the RPL assessment materials for your RTO’s compliance and to meet the needs of your RTO and learner cohort.


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